Top 5 Football Movies of All Time

Since When The Game Stands Tall recently came out in theaters and football season is upon us, I thought it fitting to take a trip down memory lane and list the five best football movies of all time. They are all movies that inspire, warm the hearts, and provide some... read more

Falcon Down

Falcon Down – Review   Falcon Down is an action packed spy thriller written by C.H Cobb. To be honest, Cobb hit my soft spot with Spy Thrillers. I love the action, the heroes, and the world of the spy. Not surprisingly, Cobb falls into the traditional spy-thriller... read more
Michael Krauszer

Michael Krauszer


Michael Krauszer is the owner and founder of Christian Literature Review. While working on his undergraduate degree in literature from The College of New Jersey, Krauszer realized there was not much information out there on how to read literature from a Christian perspective. Thus, Christian Literature Review was born. Since then, Krauszer has gone on to earn his BA in English from TCNJ and is currently working on his MA in Theological Studies from Veritas Evangelical Seminary. In addition to CLR, he works full-time as a Pastoral Intern/Writer at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge, and is a featured writer for Faith and Entertainment and Christian Media Magazine. His passion for reading and writing, coupled with his love for the Word of God equips him to write insightful reviews of all kinds of literature. Be sure to check out his many articles and leave him comments!