About Us

Christian Literature Review Purpose:

Literature serves many purposes. Whether it’s for pleasure, learning, or influencing people, literature can be used in a powerful way. Despite this, there are many who have false ideas about literature and either avoid it or claim it is dangerous to society. Although Plato held that view, it neglects the many beneficial ways in which it can be used. With this is mind, Christian Literature Review wants to showcase the beauty of literary works, both Christian and non-christian alike. In addition, a Christian review of literature does not immediately discount anything that is secular; in fact it embraces it by reading it through a Christian lens. With that information provided, Christian Literature Review wants to:

  • Provide readable reviews of various genres of literature
  • Share the importance/need of literature (including movies & TV)
  • Enhance readings of literature by utilizing a biblical worldview
  • Encourage people to engage in reading literature
  • Give christian readers a good foundation for reading literature and help them understand the benefits

Who is Christian Literature Review for?

Christian Literature Review is for all people who read or know someone who reads literary works. Although the reviews on this site will be from a Christian perspective, non-Christians can enhance their understanding of a book through reading the reviews as well. After all, current Literary Theories typically acknowledge the value of reading literature from a variety of ways. As such, learning another viewpoint for a literary work can only benefit you. People who will benefit the most from Christian Literature Review are:

  • Anyone who reads literature
  • People who enjoy different approaches to literature
  • College or high school students who want supplemental reviews of books they may or may not read in school
  • Christian students who, as part of their schools curriculum, read “secular” literature and seek a christian perspective
  • Parents who want to know what their kids are reading in school or college and want to read it through a christian lens